A statement gown, free flowing and light, refined and confident with an allure of easy luxury.

Material: Art Silk
Available with a special same colour belt
Colours: Violet, Baby Blue, Royal Blue, Fuschia, Watermelon, Metallic Beige, Brown, Black, Ivory
Sizes: S, M, L

Baby Blue

Hebe baby blue 4
Hebe baby blue 3
Hebe baby blue 2
Hebe baby blue 1


Hebe black 4
Hebe black 3
Hebe black 2
Hebe black 1


Hebe brown 4
Hebe brown 3
Hebe brown 2
Hebe Brown


Hebe Fuschia 4
Hebe Fuschia 3
Hebe Fuschia 2
Hebe Fuschia 1


Hebe Ivory 4
Hebe Ivory 3
Hebe Ivory 2
Hebe Ivory 1

Metallic Beige

Hebe Metallic Beige 4
Hebe Metallic Beige 3
Hebe Metallic Beige 2
Hebe Metallic Beige 1

Royal Blue

Hebe Royal Blue 4
Hebe Royal Blue 3
Hebe Royal Blue 2
Hebe Royal Blue 1


Hebe Violet 4
Hebe Violet 3
Hebe Violet 2
Hebe Violet 1


Hebe Watermelon 4
Hebe Watermelon 3
Hebe Watermelon 2
Hebe Watermelon 1