A luscious, sensual gown with an easy flow, using ethereal silk and handcrafted silk details offering an individual feel.

Material: Silk
Available in longer length and in medium length with a special belt
Colours: Blue, Mystic Purple, Petrol, Royal Blue and Watermelon
Sizes: S, M, L

Royal Blue

antigoni 4
antigoni 3
antigoni 2
antigoni 1


antigoni blue 4
antigoni blue 3
antigoni blue 2
antigoni blue 1

Mystic Purple

Mystic Purple 4
Mystic purple 3
Mystic purple 2
Mystic purple 1


Antigoni Petrol 4
Antigoni Petrol 3
Antigoni Petrol 2
Antigoni Petrol 1


Antigoni watermelon 4
Antigoni watermelon 3
Antigoni watermelon 2
Antigoni watermelon 1