Traveling around the world, we came to realize that many women resonate with the feeling of empowerment that comes from feminine wisdom- cultivating an ‘inner’ life of simplicity, contemplation, unity.

Inspired by the women of Oman and being on a personal journey, it came naturally to start wearing kaftans when looking to insert that quiet, still, inner place with slower rhythms and more mysterious things: Emotions. Intuition.

Our emotions found the language of colours. Our intuition was guided through the timeless designs. These comfortable, easily luxurious dresses seemed to grant the feeling of an omnipotent Goddess.
They became part of our everyday wardrobe and evolved with time into signature pieces.
Crafted with passion and unique fabrics of limited edition they are suitable for all ages and body types.
They mould into each individual personality while keeping one universal truth

– Be Divine Feminine

For the mindful woman, the citizen of the world.


Omanum is an eclectic brand that was created by the team of The Omni Studio of Margarita Filippoti, renowned for its re-interpreted, re-designed creations and revealing cultural uniqueness through brands, places and festivals in different countries.
The inspiration of The Omni Studio comes from realising that our individual stories, myths, memories and experiences become, with time, symbols in the collective and unite us all into a coherent identity, so we continuously become part of every new story, we become co-creators.
When we understand and redesign our beliefs, we express our individuality and in turn are led to awareness and evolution.


Our vision exists at the intersection of creativity, culture, and connection. Our mission is to build a contemporary fashion brand, within which aesthetics and ethics co-exist. It is based on three pillars:


1 — Empowering People
We celebrate diversity and a human-centric approach through initiatives that empower people. We source with integrity from global communities. We support small businesses and local manufacturing by producing at the place of origin. By partnering with a community of brands, businesses, and independent artists, we welcome inclusiveness through collaboration.


2 — Producing Responsibly
With a focus on doing more with less, we are dedicated to reducing the environmental impacts of our business and promoting a more responsible way to experience fashion. We source low minimum suppliers, allowing us to reduce waste through small-batch production. We commit to transparent practices by providing information about supply chains, enabling customers to make informed choices about their purchases.


3 — Elevating & Preserving Craftsmanship
Inspired by heritage techniques and the rare skill and trained precision of artisans around the world, we believe in using modern design to create new markets for age-old art forms. We strive to elevate consumer perception of global artisanship by placing master craftspeople in developing countries alongside the most skilled makers of the western world.